Village Balta, Com. Runcu, County Gorj, Romania Tg.Jiu:15 km(DN67D) to Baia de Arama Baia de Arama:30 km(DN67D) to Tg.Jiu
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Welcome to Casa Diaspora!

     Let’s take a journey together on a remarkable, unbeaten path in Northern Oltenia, in Romania…140 years ago, a shepherd’s son left his humble home & followed this very road to his destiny of becoming the patriarch of modern sculpture. Located at 15 km of Targu Jiu, 5 km of Brancusi’s birthplace and approximate 8 Km of Sohodol Gorge, Casa Diaspora is welcoming its guests in a modern and quiet environment, on Balta’s riverbank. Hear the soothing sound of the flowing stream, listen to the wind blowing against the old trees around and feel like time stays still…




            Let’s explore the Natural Reservation of Sohodol, only 10 minutes away. For millions of years, Sohodol River worked relentlessly cutting through the mountain, creating wild & beautiful landscapes as caves and ravines. Admire the beauty of raw nature at its best, visit the spectacular canyons (Nari, Cuptor, Garla Vacii, Inel), enjoy the mystery of the ancient cave paintings in Pestera Popii…Feeling more adventurous? We got you covered, take your pick…choose one of the 120 trails in place for alpinism and rock climbing or dare to take a raft on the longest & most exciting raft route in Romania, on Jiu River (difficulty of class 4). How about paragliding off a cliff? Snap a picture while you are at it, you might want people to believe you…feel the adrenaline?

            If you’ve come to visit us during winter and your sport of choice is skiing (mine is J :) ), take a drive to Straja on a recent modernized road, only 28 km away. And after a day of skiing, what can it be more relaxing then an enjoyable swim in our heated indoor pool or relaxing in the finish sauna at our inn?

            If you feel like slowing down the next day or you are looking for some spiritual guidance, take a trip to one of the oldest monasteries in Romania, Tismana Monastery, located only 15 km away.

            Come! Take the unique opportunity to see the greatest sculptural outdoor work of 20th century. Drive to Targu Jiu, a small city in the foothills of the Carpathians, only 10 minutes away. Admire the masterpiece of Brancusi’s creative genius - Heroes Path Complex, which consists of: Table of Silence, Alley of the Chairs, Gate of the Kiss and Endless Column. Enter the Gate of the Kiss and rest at the Table of the 12 Apostles, just to prepare yourself to rise up to the eternity.

            Now that I have your interest, let’s step back on the footprints of 9 years old Brancusi leaving his home & family…let’s walk this mountain road to Brancusi’s home village, Hobita. On this very road, 2000 years ago, great roman emperor Traian was leading his legions to battle. Legend said, if you really listen, you may still hear the gallop of the horses, echoing off the rocks. The sculptor’s house is not a workshop but a simple peasant home, another proof that “Eternity was born in the countryside’, as famous Romanian writer Lucian Blaga once said.

            And now that you are tired after the trip, please be my guest at Casa Diaspora and spend the night with us in a modern environment. Why Diaspora? Because we all are travelers on this journey on Earth, and same as young Brancusi, we all start some place but we are headed somewhere else. Enjoy a bite of traditional food cooked with local grown ingredients and relax over a good night sleep. But the most important thing to find here is Silence. Silence –to hear what these lands had whispered to Brancusi and he got inspired…Silence –to observe the millions of stars on the clear sky…Silence –to understand, just as Brancusi:

Sky is the Limit.