Village Balta, Com. Runcu, County Gorj, Romania Tg.Jiu:15 km(DN67D) to Baia de Arama Baia de Arama:30 km(DN67D) to Tg.Jiu
Meniu lateral stanga::

When it comes to tourist attractions northern Oltenia is one of the richest in Romania and Eastern Europe.

Natural Reservation of Sohodol

       The natural reservation is one most impressive karst Rivers Of Romania , the landscape about 12 kilometers inside stretched Vâlcan , Runcu and between Poiana Account .
       Given the special area it was set a program called Romania Gorj Adventure which offers a multitude of activities for all ages as rafting, canyoning/waterfalls, climbing caving caves and ravines, mountain biking, cycling, rappelling, flying fox, mountain hiking, Offroad, ATV, scuba diving and caving, etc.

Constantin Brancusi


       Considered the patriarch of modern sculpture of the twentieth century, Constantin Brancusi was born in Hobita just a few kilometers from Casa Diaspora. Constantin Brancusi memorial house is open to tourists.
       In Targu -Jiu, located just 15 minutes from Casa Diaspora, lies artistic ensemble named The Heroes, ensemble comprising the Endless Column, the Table of Silence and the Kiss Gate.


       Just 10 minutes away from Casa Diaspora, Tismana Monastery is the place where Tudor Vladimirescu read in 1821the Prolamation from Pades. The area is full of spirituality with wooden churches and even an altar set up in a cave in the mountains.